Re: [VE][108] Using taget Attribute with Strict DOCTYPE

Harboe wrote:
> Error message:
> Line 30, column 10: there is no attribute "target"
> <a target="_blank" href="">

The target attribute is only valid for the Transitional DOCTYPE.

> How do I use the target="_Blank" function.

It's not a function, it's an attribute, and you have use the 
Transitional DTD.

> i like to open the validation results i a new window

Then *you* may do so by, depending on your user agent, right-clicking 
and selecting "Open in new tab/window", middle clicking which commonly 
opens a new tab/window (depending on your browser settings).  Your 
visitors may not want the new window, and they should have the right to 
decide for themselves.

> and I also like to use the Strict-DTD.

Then remove the attribute.

> Is this command completely remove and are there no replacement for it?

HTML is not a programming language, it's a markup language, so it's not 
a command either, it's an attribute.  There are alternatives involving 
scripting you can use that would still allow your document to pass 
validation, however, I don't recommend these either because it should be 
the user that decides to open a new window, not the author.

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Received on Friday, 1 April 2005 01:35:36 UTC