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Link Checker - Recursive Option

From: Robin Barre <robeano@drizzle.com>
Date: Thu, 24 Jun 2004 14:30:29 -0700
To: www-validator@w3.org
Message-Id: <200406241430.29391.robeano@drizzle.com>

Hi Folks,

I have an html file:  http://www.funquestdogsports.com/lessons.html

Near the bottom of the page there is a link that points to a file that no 
longer exists (destinations.htm):  

<p align="center"><font color="#003300"><b>For more details,<a href="destinations.htm">
click here</a></b></font></p>

When I run the W3C Link Checker at http://validator.w3.org:8001/
with all default options with this URL 
http://www.funquestdogsports.com/lessons.html, I get the following results:

 done (179 lines in 0.0s).
Checking anchors...
Checking link http://www.funquestdogsports.com/lessons.html
Checking link http://www.funquestdogsports.com/directions.html
HEAD http://www.funquestdogsports.com/directions.html  fetched in 1.3s
Checking link http://www.funquestdogsports.com/graphics/surfer_tunnel_small.jpg
HEAD http://www.funquestdogsports.com/graphics/surfer_tunnel_small.jpg  fetched in 1.3s
Checking link http://www.funquestdogsports.com/destinations.htm
HEAD http://www.funquestdogsports.com/destinations.htm  fetched in 1.3s
Checking link http://www.funquestdogsports.com/
HEAD http://www.funquestdogsports.com/  fetched in 1.3s
Checking link http://www.funquestdogsports.com/links.html
HEAD http://www.funquestdogsports.com/links.html  fetched in 1.3s
Checking link http://www.funquestdogsports.com/stories.html
HEAD http://www.funquestdogsports.com/stories.html  fetched in 1.3s
Checking link http://www.funquestdogsports.com/pack.html
HEAD http://www.funquestdogsports.com/pack.html  fetched in 1.2s
Checking link http://www.funquestdogsports.com/graphics/logo.jpg
HEAD http://www.funquestdogsports.com/graphics/logo.jpg  fetched in 1.3s
Checking link http://www.funquestdogsports.com/scheduling.html
HEAD http://www.funquestdogsports.com/scheduling.html  fetched in 1.2s
Checking link http://www.funquestdogsports.com/instructor.html
HEAD http://www.funquestdogsports.com/instructor.html  fetched in 1.2s
Checking link http://www.funquestdogsports.com/_themes/expeditn/expbul1d.gif
HEAD http://www.funquestdogsports.com/_themes/expeditn/expbul1d.gif  fetched in 1.3s
Checking link http://www.funquestdogsports.com/fqstyle.css
HEAD http://www.funquestdogsports.com/fqstyle.css  fetched in 1.3s
Processed in 16.7s.


Found 4 anchors.
Valid anchors!

 List of broken links and redirects
Fragments listed are broken. See the table below to know what action to take.

What to do
The link is broken. Fix it NOW!

What to do: The link is broken. Fix it NOW!
Response status code: 404
 Response message: Not Found
Line: 164

Checked 1 document in 16.8 seconds.

That's great.  When I try using the recursive option, it doesn't seem to 
catch this broken link.  I'm using all of the default options for the Link
Checker, but this time the URL is http://www.funquestdogsports.com/
and option "Check linked documents recursively, recursion depth" is checked
and depth is set to 1.  For the same lessons.html page checked
through recursion, the results I get are:

Processing http://www.funquestdogsports.com/lessons.html 

Settings used: 
Accept: application/xhtml+xml, text/html, */*;q=0.5
Accept-Language: en
Sleeping 1 second between requests to each server

Go to the results.
For reliable link checking results, check HTML validity first. See also CSS validity.
Back to the link checker.

Checking anchors...
Processed in 0.0s.


Found 4 anchors.
Valid anchors!

Valid links!


It looks like the other files are successfully checked as it shows the list of HEAD requests.  
So what's going on here?  I use Check Linked Documents Recursively option 
a lot.  Do I need to change the depth?  What else could be wrong?  I'd 
appreciate any help I can get with this issue.


RUF Designs - web development services
Robin Barre, linuxchik
Received on Thursday, 24 June 2004 17:30:48 UTC

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