[ANN] Beta test period for the W3C Link Checker (3.9.3-dev)

We are starting a beta test period for the latest version of the W3C 
Link Checker (aka checklink) today:

This new version brings in a few rather important changes (full list 
below), and we would really like to get feedback on it, notably on 
these two points:
  - Our implementation of the Robots exclusion standard. This was the 
feature most discussed after the last release, and we have implemented 
it as described at:
- One UI question: Should the "Check linked documents recursively" 
checkbox be removed?
   Recursion is implicit if there's anything in the "depth" field, so 
the checkbox may be redundant, or confusing.


Here is a summarized list of changes since released version 3.9.2.
A full changelog is also attached with this message.

- Support for the robots exclusion standard has been added.
- Sleep 1 second between requests to servers.
- Cookie handling logic is now more robust and predictable.
- Harmonized layout with the Markup Validator.
- Do not send an Accept-Language header at all if the client did not
   send us one.  Previously, "Accept-Language: *" was sent by default.
- Miscellaneous markup, layout, and documentation improvements, minor
   bug fixes and warning cleanups.


We hope you will help us improve the link checker (a.k.a checklink) by 
sending thoughts and bug reports related to this beta test to the 
public mailing list www-validator:

Since this list is used for feedback on several different tools, we 
suggest that you tag your messages regarding checklink in the subject 
of your e-mail, e.g:
	Subject: [checklink] bug report - ....

Developers are also invited to check the code :

Congratulations to Ville Skyttä for his lead work, and thanks a lot to 
all of you for the feedback since the latest release!

For the W3C QA tools development Team,
olivier Thereaux - W3C / QA / Dev
http://www.w3.org/People/olivier - http://www.w3.org/QA/

Received on Wednesday, 9 June 2004 18:50:57 UTC