Re: checklink: Server-Side includes...

Hello Darryl,

On Jun 9, 2004, at 07:00, Darryl Nickless wrote:
> When I run checklink through your site, will checklink "assemble" the 
> page on my server so that any server-side include files show up in the 
> links that are checked?

When run on a document or a site, checklink requests the page to the 
web server, which assembles the SSI, so the only way to check which SSI 
file has broken link is to analyse checklink's results.

On the other hand, the behaviour you describe here:
> Check my server logs for a list of all files accessed through 
> checklink, and compare that list with a list of all files on my 
> server.
... is relatively close to the idea I have for a Log Validator module, 
but I haven't started working on it yet.


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