comment validator redesign

Regarding new redesign of ,

I very much miss the extra links which were available in a sidebar or
box as seen in this archived version of the validator page:

This may have been mentioned by someone on this list earlier.

Because there was an easy or quick access to other validation or
checking tools right from the markup test page before running a doc
through the markup validator in the previous design.

Sometimes, when debugging a CMS rendered page, there are small errors or
many that need to be fixed, though I may still be working on validating
or cleaning up the CMS style sheets or templates before finishing or
fine tuning the markup clean up. :)  Hope this makes sense. I usually
juggle the markup and css  fixes at the same time.

I always remember the link to the validator, but do not always remember
the links to the other checking and validating tools. It is easier to
click the link to the CSS validator from that page than to type it out
or hunt for the bookmark, etc.

One cannot validate the CSS independently if the document markup
validation contains errors. And they do not get the link to the CSS
validation from that error page.


Received on Wednesday, 9 June 2004 09:59:39 UTC