Re: New Error Message Suggestion

On Jun 6, 2004, at 7:38 PM, Ioan Vlad wrote:

> Dear W3 guys,
> I see the www-validator flagging the following thing in my code as a
> mistake, but I think this is rather useful instead of a mistake.
> When I close this tag, instead of simply closing it with </div>, I 
> close
> it with
> </div class="footer_universal">

That's cute, but it's still a mistake, because that's not valid HTML
or XHTML.  What was your question/request?  Should the Validator pass
something as "valid HTML" when it's not, or do you want a change to
the HTML specification?

Myself, I do this:

<div class="footer">
</div> <!-- footer -->

Works for me, and it's standards-compliant.


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