Re: validator broke with <meta .. /> and <link .. /> but not with <img .. /> or <br />

On 3 Jun 2004, at 00:44, Horváth Róbert wrote:
> dear validator list :)
> as in the w3schools examples ( 
> ) i wanted to make my html 
> more universal with trailing slashes.

Trailing slashes do not make HTML more universal. In HTML "<foo />" is 
roughly the same as "<foo>>". Depending on where you put them, they 
either tell your HTML document to display ">" characters scattered 
about, or they make it invalid (in the case of telling it to display a 
 > somewhere where it is not allowed (like inside <head>)).

In XHTML they mean something rather different, and given the current 
level of support for XHTML, switching to that language hardly makes a 
document more "universal" - Internet Explorer doesn't support it 
(except if you pretend its not XHTML but broken HTML, making it 
pointless using XHTML in the first place for the majority)!

David Dorward

Received on Thursday, 3 June 2004 04:22:31 UTC