inconsistent Link Checker results


I was hoping to get help on a problem we are seeing with the Link Checker. 

We have a site that when posted locally and checked, we get 74 pages
traversed. When posted remotely on our primary server, we get 62 pages. The
sites are seemingly identical. We use that exact same WAR file for both. We
have isolated the difference to the /support section of our web. For some
reason, none of the links on the
page are traversed when it is posted remotely and check from the top level.
Note, checking that page directly yields the expected 16 pages. Any idea
what the difference could be? 

Also, the links that are walked are not even close to being in the same
order. This again seems odd. What is the algorithm for accruing the links to
traverse? Can anyone think of any reason why the order would ever be
different when the sites are the same?

Thanks for any insight!


Received on Tuesday, 20 January 2004 17:28:53 UTC