Re: inconsistent Link Checker results

On Wed, 2004-01-21 at 00:17, Dan Snider wrote:

Sorry about the long delay.

> We have a site that when posted locally and checked, we get 74 pages
> traversed. When posted remotely on our primary server, we get 62 pages.

Could you try this out with the new beta version of the link checker,

Some recursion scope related fixes have been included in the beta
version which may affect this.

> For some
> reason, none of the links on the
> page are traversed when it is posted remotely and check from the top level.

(Perhaps a bit offtopic, but for more reliable link checking results,
checking and fixing HTML validity would be a good idea, there's some
work to do with the document in your URL above, for example mixed use of
HTML/XHTML style end tags which will most likely result in unexpected

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