RE: checklink: Timeout Problem

Hi Nick,

You were right, it's working now.


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> Hi,
> LinkChecker keeps stoping and throws the below error[1] whenever I run

502 is a proxy error, and is clearly incorrect.

> CGI TimeoutThe specified CGI application exceeded the allowed time for
> processing.  The server has deleted the process.

So it's not really a proxy and the server is telling porkies.  And if
it was a proxy it should be 504.

> it on with recursion depth 2, in other words 2
> levels deep. I've adjusted the headers by adding "Keep-Alive:
> timeout=15, max=100\n"; and "Connection: Keep-Alive\n"; it checked few

Does anything change if you (substantially) increase that timeout?
Not that it should: keepalives address a different issue.

I would guess the underlying problem is a builtin timeout for CGI
processes.  Since you're running a server for which neither source
nor any meaningful documentation is publicly available, you'll just
have to dig for how to fix that.

Nick Kew

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