Link checker: 404 error for

I can access the page <> just fine, but
displays a 404 error for this page (and also others on the site, but by no means all of them).

I can only speculate about the reasons for this.

 0. Weird robots.txt on but I get the
    impression that the link checker presently does not consult this
    file. (Just checked on my own site. It doesn't. Scratch this.)

 1. administrators are blocking access from the user
    agent or the host for whatever reason. If this is
    the case, I'll be happy to bring this up with them.

 2. Problems with content negotiation. When validating the page
    <> the link I get on the
    top of the page indicates that I ended up actually validating the
    Finnish-language version of this page for some odd reason. But
    HEAD works just fine so this
    is a bit of a vague idea only at present.

    (When viewing these pages directly I get them in English. If I had
    to fall back to some other language I would prefer Swedish, but my
    reverse DNS obviously indicates that I am in Finland. Whoever is
    responsible for conjecturing language preference from [apparent]
    geographical location should be flogged.)

    Incidentally, you'll notice that this page is a
    page and it works fine, it's just some links to higher-level pages
    which do not work.

 3. I'm sure I have overlooked something obvious :-)

Perhaps you could look into this? Thanks.

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formail -s procmail < >
cat | more | cat<>

Received on Wednesday, 18 February 2004 09:06:04 UTC