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Character encoding problems with v0.6.5 Beta #1

From: Nicolas Roeser <n-roeser@gmx.net>
Date: Tue, 17 Feb 2004 14:18:14 +0100
To: www-validator@w3.org
Message-Id: <200402171418.21291.n-roeser@gmx.net>
Hi everybody,

installing the validator locally worked without any problems here. I 
took some brief notes which you'll find at the bottom of this mail.

I found that my local installation behaves different from the online 
version at <URL:http://validator.w3.org:8001/>. If I set the character 
encoding to "us-ascii" and try to validate a document which contains 
characters which are *not* in US-ASCII, my local installation seems to 
"hang" (i.e. perl does not exit).
The online version works fine; it gives me the usual warning about 
characters it can't understand, because they are not US-ASCII.

If I don't force a character encoding, I don't experience any problems; 
the validator assumes UTF-8 (which is wrong for that test document), 
and I get the usual warning.

I assume the problem I described is caused by a version difference of 
one of the perl modules. IMO the validator should be modified to catch 
this problem.
Can anyone assist me in tracking this down?

Brief notes about local validator installation

 * Upgrade OpenSP 1.5 to OpenSP 1.5.1 (just because I wanted to be
   up-to-date; unnecessary according to W3C Validator page)
 * Install Perl modules and their prerequisites (using perl-5.8.0):
    - Html::Tagset (prerequisite for Html::Parser)
    - Html::Parser
(   - MIME::Base64 (prerequisite for URI.pm and libwww-perl;
      was already installed with perl))
(   - libnet (prerequisite for libwww-perl;
      was already installed with perl))
(   - Digest::MD5 (prerequisite for libwww-perl;
      was already installed with perl))
    - libwww-perl
(   - Math::BigInt (prerequisite for Net::IP;
      was already installed with perl))
    - Net::IP
(   - Exporter.pm (prerequisite for Set::IntSpan;
      was already installed with perl))
(* libiconv (prerequisite for Text::Iconv;
   iconv provided by glibc here))
    - Text::Iconv

 * Install additional Perl modules for Link Checker:
    - Config::General
    - Term::ReadKey
    - Time::HiRes

Using Apache 2.0.48.
Moved some of the validator files around and set server config 
accordingly. After some SSI issues (typo in server config, arrgh!), 
validator works great for local and online files.

Thanks for your time,

PS: No need to Cc me on replies; I'm subscribed.

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