[reminder] Keep using the beta version, suggest error explanations


We are making slow but actual progress towards a new beta version of 
the Markup Validator, and the final release of 0.6.5 should be a very 
nice one...

I would like to remind you that you can help make it an even nicer 
release: even if you can't participate in development and bug fixes (if 
you can, and want to, don't be shy!), as users of the service you can 
greatly improve the quality and usability by using the beta instance of 
the Markup Validator:
and suggest explanations for the error messages you encounter.

I have finally finished entering the suggestions we received since the 
announcement of the Beta 1, but there are still many error messages 
without a good explanation, and it would really be awesome of we could 
have the database well filled before the impending release I just put 
the latest error explanation database on the site today, which should 
help avoid redundancy and make the task a little easier.

Thanks a lot to all of those who submitted explanations, and to those 
who will.

Received on Thursday, 12 February 2004 03:50:10 UTC