Re[2]: [OpenJade-devel] OpenSP 1.5.1 Win32/MSVC++ patch / binaries

 Hello Bjoern,
 With proper config.h settings "#undef SP_MULTI_BYTE" is not needed,
 and build with SP_MULTI_BYTE really could be built and working.

 Should this be also prepared as a proper patch?

EW> Saturday, January 17, 2004, 8:25:24 PM, you wrote:

BH>> Dear OpenSP maintainers,

BH>>   As far as I can tell, none of the modifications I suggested back in
BH>> May 2003 to allow building OpenSP on Win32 have been applied. I would
BH>> like to ask you again to apply the attached patch file to the source
BH>> tree. The patch is based on the OpenSP 1.5.1 release.

BH>> Note that my patch would add an unconditional

BH>>   #undef SP_MULTI_BYTE

BH>> to onsgmls and osx won't compile on any platform with
BH>> -DSP_MULTI_BYTE as they assume various SP-specific types resolve to char
BH>> while they resolve to wchar_t with SP_MULTI_BYTE. Since SP_MULTI_BYTE is
BH>> the default on Win32 and the various Visual Studio Project files define
BH>> SP_MULTI_BYTE, undefining SP_MULTI_BYTE in config.h is the most simple
BH>> solution to this problem. I would suggest to use the #undef there until
BH>> you fix onsgmls and osx. I think the other patches should not be
BH>> controversial.

BH>> Also note that - even with this patch applied - osx will not build on
BH>> Win32 as it depends on realpath() and dirname() which are not available
BH>> on Win32, and MSVC++ requires constant expressions in array
BH>> initialization such as

BH>>   foo bar[...]

BH>> These would need to be changed to

BH>>   foo bar = new foo[...]

BH>> In order to build OpenSP, Win32 users would still have to ensure that
BH>> the .dsp files use CRLF line termination, run

BH>>   nmake -i -a -f sp-generate.mak

BH>> from the top source directory, load the workspace file (SP.dsw) into the
BH>> IDE and build it from there. Visual Studio.NET users would need to
BH>> confirm to convert the Visual Studio 6.0 project files to the new
BH>> format. It is also a good idea to replace the @PACKAGE@ and @VERSION@
BH>> macros in config.h manually.

BH>> Based on this patch I provide binaries built using Visual Studio.NET
BH>> 2003 and linked against LIBCMT.lib (-MT) on


BH>> The archive contains onsgmls, osgmlnorm, ospam, ospcat, ospent, and
BH>> their osp151.dll dependency. It does not contain osx due to what I wrote
BH>> above.

BH>> If you would like to make these binaries available to your users, please
BH>> provide them a local copy through facilities, I would like to
BH>> keep my traffic low.

BH>> regards.

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