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Hi Lachlan Hunt,

	Thanks for your explaination. The text generator is also for GB2312, but I find char 30 shouldn't be content of that page. It should be someone pastered the invaild char to the editor. So I replaced the char 30 with null(""). It's ok now:)

And now I'm fixing the error "Line 151, column 10: ID "navcell" already defined".
I was using the following code to do for that
function switchCell(n) {

I'm trying to use children[n] instead of navcell[n]

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>dragonimp wrote:
>> 	I validated the page with XHTML 1.0.
>> ==============================================
>> Line 133, column 274: non SGML character number 30
>> ...字...</a> <span class="newsdatetime">(12-16 13:57)</span><br/>由于市场
>> ======================================
>> I dont know  what's the meaning of "non SGML character number 30"
>> I cannot find any error in the page at line 133:(
>The error just indicates that a character used in the file is invalid 
>for the character encoding declared, which is GB2312 (Chinese 
>Simplified).  The error is often caused by the use of of a character 
>encoding that differs from that declared for the file.  Therefore, it is 
>likely that your editor is actually saving the file as a different, yet 
>similar encoding.
>Similar errors often occur when saving a file as Windows-1252 (the 
>default for english versions of windows), yet declaring ISO-8859-1. 
>There are only a few differences between them (from characters 128 to 
>159), in that they are control characters in ISO-8859-1, but printable 
>in Windows-1252, and it is the use of these characters that causes this 
>Although I was unable to find any mappings for GB2312, and thus unable 
>to look up what character 30 is, it is likely to be a control character, 
>but used as a printable character in whatever encoding your editor is 
>actually using.  You'll need to check your editors documentation and/or 
>settings to determine what exactly that is.
>It appears to be this character [1]: 研 (U+7814), in this section on 
>line 133:
>   日本一家民间研究...
>that is causing the problem.  I'm guessing that whatever character 
>encoding your editor is actually using, uses the code point 30 for that 
>character, and it just happens that browsers are smart enough to 
>determine what you actually want in this case.  if the character does 
>not exist in the GB2312 character repertoire, then replace it with 
>either the hexadecimal or decimal character references: &#x7814; or 
>&#30740;.  If it does exist in the GB2312 character repertoire, then fix 
>your editor so that it saves your file correctly, or change the declared 
>character encoding appropriately to whatever your editor is using.

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