Re: Validator confused about line number (Was: [VE][257] Error Message Feedback)

[changing the subject to something more meaningful]

On Aug 26, 2004, at 10:04 AM, Victor Hugg wrote:
> I was running the 'Markup Validation Service v0.6.7'

Having the URI for the document you were validating would allow us to 
try and reproduce the bug.

In the absence of a URI, I can only guess...

> , and it gave me only one message:
> Line 1853, column 19:
> The XHTML in question only had 1848 lines in it

You could try using the "show source" option. It would show you what 
the validator thinks there is between lines 1848 and 1853. Are you 
using geocities or some other kind of service that adds a snippet of 
code to every page? That could by why your source and the served 
content differ.

Thank you.

Received on Thursday, 26 August 2004 22:04:48 UTC