Re: Java script and validator... not the common endtag/backslash error

Thanks for the fast reply!

> But presumably you are using XHTML, where <script>
> elements have #PCDATA

Yes I'm using XHTML and #PCDATA. I didn't even know
the differences between #PCDATA and CDATA and which
one is used by <script> (I should read W3C
recommendations more carefully).

> The theoretical option is a CDATA section. The
> practical way (if you care
> about IE, for example, which is XHTML ignorant and
> doesn't grok CDATA
> sections either) is to use workarounds that avoid
> the constructs that
> trigger something in #PCDATA parsing. 

Both ways seemed to work, but since I have lots of
those triggering characters I think the CDATA is
easier way.


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Received on Saturday, 21 August 2004 22:19:23 UTC