Re: Smallish feature request for validator

* Chet wrote:
>I do my best to create only valid markup on my projects, and as such 
>find myself using the validator quite often. I enjoy the fact that it 
>can review a page via URI or file upload, but I wonder how difficult it 
>would be to include an option to paste the file directly into a form?

>I ask because I work frequently with systems that are (a) dynamically 
>generated and (b) behind some form of validation, so to check these 
>pages I must point my own browser at the page, copy the finished source 
>out to a file, save it, and then upload it to the validator. It would 
>be much easier if I could just paste the source into a form, as then 
>the cycle would be shorter (and much more like what I do to validate 
>public pages).

I am told the Opera browser supports a feature that allows you to send
the currently loaded document to the Markup Validator and there are
extensions for other browsers available and/or under development to
enable such functionality. My browser validates all documents it loads
automatically without using the online service,
for some screenshots.

Received on Thursday, 19 August 2004 22:13:13 UTC