Re: Feature for the validator

Hello Jeppe,

On Wed, Aug 18, 2004, Jeppe H°iby wrote:
> I'm working a lot on intranet sites validating these pages is a big
> hazzle. Especially because they are dynamic pages.

Being an access-protected dynamic page does not preclude from having
a URI, does it? 

Or maybe by intranet you mean local network for which no
access is possible from outside. Then if you really have a lot of pages
to check, you may want to install a local instance of the validator. 

Other than this case, I don't see a lot of possible reasons why you'd
have to save the page all the time. Unless... you're not generating all
your pages through POST, are you?

> I would really love if you could provide at text field in which you
> could paste your HTML instead of havning to upload a file. It would save
> some time.

As a matter of fact we *used* to provide such a feature, but it is not
supported any more.
(Use at your own risk.)


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