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August 19th call
Houston - IBS Strategy for Passion Movie Outreach

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Houston - IBS Strategy for Passion Movie Outreach

On August 31 The Passion of the Christ will be officially released in
DVD/VHS formats to the general public.
In the greater Houston area, a massive effort is under way involving
churches and marketplace leaders across the city to deliver a “Servant
King” Gospel of Luke (NIV) to every household. 
This citywide outreach will be the focus of our
Conference call hosted by Mission America’s City/Community Ministries on
Thursday, August 19 at 11:00 a.m. Eastern Time. <?xml:namespace prefix =
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Our guests will be Bob Jackson of The International Bible Society (IBS)
and Mike Richards of Houston who works with IBS for Regional
Development. What you learn from this call may help you and your
churches prepare for this release of "The Passion of Christ" and
consider how Christian leaders in your city or community could do a
citywide outreach using Scripture distribution.
To join this call that is by invitation only, please RSVP to this
message, requesting the dial-in number.  The call will be at 11:00 a.m.
Eastern time, 10:00 Central time, 9:00 Mountain time and 8:00 Pacific
time on Thursday, August 19th.
In Christ,
Rev. Glenn Barth and Rev. Jarvis Ward
National Facilitators for City/Community Ministries
Mission America Coalition
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