Cannot complete Link Check of a webpage


[I have previously written and appreciate the help I received in resolving 
with my web host provider a problem handling HTTP HEAD requests for link 

However, I am still having problems with your Link Checker.

In trying to run your Link checker on my webpage

(a page that returns valid HTML as verified by your HTML validation 
routine), the checker reports "Processing" and runs for a while and then just 
dies--no error is reported.  A link check run on another page that links to 
sitemap.asp runs successfully.

sitemap.asp page admittedly has quite a few links.  But is this a bug in 
your program?  I am sorry but I cannot run the Link Checker locally from my 
hard drive because I do not operate under Unix.

Thank you

Michael McGoodwin 

Received on Tuesday, 17 August 2004 23:15:19 UTC