[VE][122] Error Message Feedback

made with SSI, and the "error" is in the include, so it passes to every
page. The pages are strict XHTML 1.1, the address of the homepage is
http://www.frost-team.com.ar/iceman/ (is in spanish). In the include is
an image map for a navigation bar, the image has an attribute
usemap="#mapa", the validator tells me that the IDREF for the usemap
cannot begin with # but if I don't use the #, like usemap="mapa" the
image map do not work (I tested it on Opera 7.23 and IE 5.0 & 5.5).
  I also have another error, it tells me that the IDREF #mapa points to
an inexisting ID mapa, but I have the <map id="mapa"> on the same
include, I even put the map before the image so it's forward declared
(do you know what I mean?).
  I don't know if I have to be subscribed to the validator list to get
an answer. I'm not subscribed yet.
  Please help me with this issue because validation means a lot for me.

Thanks, ICeman

2004 [Frost-Team]ICeman
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Received on Wednesday, 4 August 2004 12:41:55 UTC