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Hi Validator Team,

Could you help with this question about whether 
<a name="foo"/> is valid xhtml 1.0 (I think it isn't) or, if
not, why the validator doesn't complain?


 _ Ian

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> and probably many other pages as well.
> This page was sent as text/html but uses tags of the form <a name="foo" 
> /> which does not actually close the <a> tag in conforming HTML4 
> user-agents (I'm using safari 1.2.2). This lack of closing, combined 
> with the CSS which specifies "a:active { color: #C00; background: 
> transparent }" means that when you click anywhere in the page, nearly 
> all the text in the page turns red. Oops.
> Additionally, your validator does not appear to catch using the 
> shortcut close method on a non-EMPTY element in a text/html XHTML 1.0 
> document. Perhaps it should be updated to handle that class of error?
> James
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