Invalid Tiki Wiki page

I noted that the tiki-wiki page had a "validate html" button, so I clicked 
it and it takes me to the HTML page [1]! When I actually use the validate 
toolbar in Konqueror, it unfortunately is not valid. So I wonder why people 
aren't linking to:
as the validator page directs? 

And I wonder if there be an easy way for us to check those people using the 
icon from our site, to ensure that if they use the icon, their site is 
actually valid? Or better yet -- those this would be very processor 
intensive -- we could even return a "broken" icon to those sites that 
aren't valid when they request the icon! <smile/> Of course, this doesn't 
help us for sites that make their own copy.


Received on Friday, 30 May 2003 00:13:42 UTC