Re: [ANN] 0.6.2 Beta #1 of the W3C Markup Validator

Terje Bless wrote:

> In an attempt to address the concerns raised recently (FSVO) on this list, the
> validator will no longer treat a missing DOCTYPE Declaration or Character
> Encoding labelling as a fatal error. Such documents are still labeled as
> invalid, and a "loud" error message is emitted, but the validator will now
> attempt to perform the validation run using default values.

I think this is a great change, one that will make validation 
significantly more friendly and usable for developers.  Thanks for 
including it in this update!

I do think that visually highlighting the large fallback message a 
little more would be nice.  It could be something as simple as a light 
red background in the vicinity of #FCC-- not alarmingly red, in other 
words, but still giving a sense of something having gone awry.

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