Re: A minor improvement to the w3c validator

Terje Bless:
> scott kendall <> wrote:
>> [...] I'd like a simple red-light green-light test result.
> Or can anyone think of other ways to make this distinction more clear?

Maybe a colored border to the body element would do. Perhaps you want to add
some orangish one too, for pages that (only) validate with overridden or
defaulted doctype/charset.

  body.valid {border-color: green}
  body.semi-valid {border-color: orange} /* CSS3 */
  body.invalid {border-color: red}
  body {border-width: 8px; border-style: solid}

If the class attribute was allowed for the html element, you could also use
margin and background-color:

  html.valid {background-color: green}
  html.semi-valid {background-color: orange} /* CSS3 */
  html.invalid {background-color: red}
  body {margin: 8px}

Received on Monday, 26 May 2003 08:25:06 UTC