Re: [ANN] 0.6.2 Beta #1 of the W3C Markup Validator

* Terje Bless wrote:
>>>I think the fallback feature may come handy for many people who
>>>produce/have sites without a DOCTYPE/charset declared. However, it's
>>>possible that they don't even bother to fix that when we offer
>>>fallback, "because it works as is"... Well, should we care? :-|
>>You don't convince people to care by stronger emphasis. Empasis is meant
>>to help people to understand, not to shout at them if they don't want to
>Ah, I suspect that's what Nicolas meant; the error message might be confused
>with an informational message (i.e. a message that may safely be ignored) and
>stronger emphasis might make it clearer that the message is important.

You think users might miss

  ---> THIS PAGE IS **NOT** VALID <---


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