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Jerry Fisk <> wrote:

><< Sorry, this type of URI scheme (undefined) is not supported by this
>service. Please check that you entered the URI correctly. URIs should be
>in the form: If you entered a valid URI using a
>scheme that we should support, please let us know as outlined on our
>Feedback page. Make sure to include the specific URI you would like us
>to support, and if possible provide a reference to the relevant
>standards document describing the URI scheme in question. <<
>I went to notify W3C but as you see above it sent me here.
>Can someone notify W3C of this poor link?

This is most commonly caused by your web browser or a web proxy (possibly a
personal privacy product such as Norton Internet Security) stripping off the
Referrer information between you and the Validator. A future version of the
Validator will amend that error message to make this more clear.

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