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Bjoern Hoehrmann <> wrote:

>* John Dunlop wrote:
>>My somewhat pedantic dispute is with the error message displayed.
>>Although it doesn't belie the reason for the error, it seems that there
>>is a glitch. For an entity reference with the name "foo:bar", the error
>>message is:
>>[...] cannot generate system identifier for general entity "foo
>onsgmls uses the colon to separate between message fields, the validator
>considers the colon in the message to indicate the end of the current
>field and thus strips the colon (and whatever might be following it) off
>the message.

And to expand somewhat on that, this is a bug in the Validator that I fix
and break again approximately every other time I touch the code in
question. :-(

The WDG Validator and Page Valet do not suffer from this because 1) Liam is
a better coder than me and 2) Nick has solved this once and for all by
patching OpenSP. :-)

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