A minor improvement to the w3c validator

I use the validator regularly and wish that more did.

If I might offer a suggestion for a change to the validation results 
page.  When I've successfully written an html page that passes the 
validation tests, I want a simple way of knowing that I got it 
right.  Perhaps if the background behind the "This Page Is Valid HTML ...." 
text were more greenish.  But since it's blue, I unconsciously pause to 
read that line even though I 'know' that I don't need to read it.  Am I 
making any sense?  In other words, I'd like a simple red-light green-light 
test result.

If I have been unclear about this by all means contact me.

scott kendall
Río Oso Farm Inc
Herriman, Utah

Received on Friday, 9 May 2003 11:22:13 UTC