Re: XHTML1.1 DTD errata or Validator bug?

* Jonathan Stanley wrote:
>As I understand from HTML4 and XHTML1 Strict, the "id" attribute is global,
>and can be applied to any element, and indeed, reading through said DTDs and
>valdating a test case page where there was an "id=foo" inside the <html>
>element, the said page would pass when validated as HTML4 or XHTML1.

HTML 4.01 does not allow <html> to have an id attribute, neither do
XHTML 1.0 First Edition or XHTML Modularization (the latter allows at
most dir, lang, xmlns, xml:lang and version). XHTML 1.1 is based on
XHTML Modularization and thus disallows <html id='...' ...> XHTML 1.0
*Second Edition* had been changed in this respect and allows the html
element to have an id attribute. Take a look at the html element in

Received on Sunday, 4 May 2003 08:13:52 UTC