Re: XHTML1.1 DTD errata or Validator bug?

What would be the value of a unique <head> component anyway?  Except maybe
to fool a browser display ...
You would probably want to hide same from a HTTP HEAD request too.
So, IMHO the better way to do that (in the body) is <div id="foo"
style="display:none;"> ...
Gannon J. Dick
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Subject: XHTML1.1 DTD errata or Validator bug?

> Hello
> As I understand from HTML4 and XHTML1 Strict, the "id" attribute is
> and can be applied to any element, and indeed, reading through said DTDs
> valdating a test case page where there was an "id=foo" inside the <html>
> element, the said page would pass when validated as HTML4 or XHTML1.
> However, when the DTD was set to XHTML1.1, the validator will error with:
> ---
> This page is not Valid XHTML 1.1!...  there is no attribute "id".
> ---
> The "highest level" element this seems to be allowed is the <body> tag,
> looking through the XHTML1.1 DTD modules, I cannot accertain whether this
> deliberate on the part of XHTML1.1, it is an errata with the DTD, or
> it's a bug with regards to the validator?
> Thanks.
> Jon Stanley

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