Re: http-equiv="refresh" redirects ignored in markup validator

Lars Holst wrote:

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> >Not sure about this either. If someone tries to validate a file, the
> >validator should probably validate this file, not whatever it refreshes
> >to after n seconds (I know, the case n=0 is a limit case but better
> >forget this practice anyway).
> Why? The redirect is there for a reason, right? I really don't see why it
> shouldn't follow it.

OK, you have a refresh with period zero (which doesn't work
reliably, so a period of one second would be better), and
you would like the validator to validate the page /after/
the refresh/redirect has taken place.  Supposing that the
page to which you redirect has a further refresh/redirect,
this time with a delay of two seconds; would you like the
validator to validate /that/ page rather than either of
the first two ?  And if that page too has a refresh/redirect
with an even greater delay, would you like the validator
to follow that one as well ?  If so, what is your cut-off point ?
How long should the delay be in a refresh/redirect before you
don't expect the validator to follow it ?
> I do appreciate your pointer, but I'd be even more grateful for a link to a
> page that actually explains the HTTP-based feature that I should use.

You will need to be aware of which server you are using; for at
last three common server, there was already a link to the documentation
for that server in the original answer to which you refer; if you
are using a less-common server, you will need to consult the
server documentation.  For a simple overview of what your
server will need to accomplish (but with no guidance as to how
to achieve it), see

Philip Taylor, RHBNC

Received on Monday, 28 July 2003 11:19:12 UTC