Re: http-equiv="refresh" redirects ignored in markup validator

How do you do an HTTP redirect?  Well, it depends on your Web
server.  If you're using Apache, do something like this:

      Redirect /aq3e

The syntax is:

      Redirect old-path new-url

If you're using some other Web server, consult your documentation.

As for the redirect being "there for a reason", well, how is the
validator supposed to know what it's there for?  If you want the
original page validated, give it the URL of the original page.  If
you want the redirect page validated, give it the URL of the
new page.  There are plenty of reasons you'd want to validate a
page that contains a refresh -- including trying to figure out why
that particular page isn't working.

Doing things your desired way would be a bad idea, as you would
never be able to validate the HTML on a page with a meta-refresh.


On Monday, July 28, 2003, at 07:22 AM, Lars Holst wrote:
> Why? The redirect is there for a reason, right? I really don't see why 
> it
> shouldn't follow it.
> I do appreciate your pointer, but I'd be even more grateful for a link 
> to a
> page that actually explains the HTTP-based feature that I should use.
> Thanks,
> Lars
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