Re: Idea for the validators

On Mon, 28 Jul 2003, Jukka K. Korpela wrote:

> > To show that I have I usually include your "Valid HTML
> > (or whatever)" buttons on my pages as links to your validation service.
> Why? If there were an online spelling checker, would you also link to it?
> If yes, why?

"This page is in valid and acceptable English (not American English)."

> Is there any reason to shout? If you said, for some reason, that the
> language of your document is grammatically correct and checked with
> MS Word spelling checker (a good idea BTW, provided that you don't take
> its judgement as a word of &Deity;), would you write it as an exclamation?

Only if the paperclip told me to.

> The W3C is not an Internet standards body and does not claim to be.
> Although the word "standard" can be used loosely, we should use the phrase
> "Internet standard" to refer only to the documents declared as Internet
> standards by the relevant organization, namely IETF.

Not the IETF. The IESG...



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