Recognition of WML DTDs

I've been using the on-line W3C validator for quite a while now, and I'm
consistently very happy with this service.

However, I was wondering whether the W3C validator could be made a
recognize WML DTDs. That is to say: I can validate a WML document
perfectly, but whereas e.g. for XHTML 1.1 documents the validator says,
in clear English, "This page is valid XHTML 1.1!", for WML it just
mentions that it conforms to the given DTD.

Note that this is merely a presentation issue. But IMO it would be nice
to have the validator say, e.g., "This page is valid WML 1.1!". 

For e.g. XHTML 1.1 the validator makes the following "mapping":

 "">  ==> Means "XHTML 1.1"

Would it be possible to have it make the following mapping?

"">        ==> Means WML 1.1

Just a thought,

Niek Bergboer

PS: If you reply, would you please also reply to my email? I'm not on
the list.

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Received on Friday, 25 July 2003 08:38:04 UTC