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FatPipe can save you money!

From: Dave Kleyh <dkleyh@sla-direct.com>
Date: Thu, 17 Jul 2003 14:54:40 -0600
To: <dkleyh@sla-direct.com>
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FatPipe Networks™ is the inventor and patent holder of router clustering
technology for the deployment of mission critical Internet/WAN access.
FatPipe products provide high speed, highly redundant and reliable
connections, and additional security of data transmission, and are
compatible with any ISP, application, hardware, and technology. FatPipe
MPVPN takes any VPN network and makes it faster, more reliable, and nine
times more secure.It enables bi-directional data transmission over multiple
VPN paths, providing high security, while ensuring that your VPN will stay
"up" regardless of router, ISP, line or backbone failures on one or more
paths. No inefficient BGP programming or ISP cooperation is required.
FatPipe XTREME is for schools that require more bandwidth, and highly
reliable and redundant Internet access. XTREME is a multi-router aggregator
that allows you to aggregate any combination of multiple T1, T3, E1, E3,
DSL, and/or ISDN lines to create a virtual "FatPipe", providing up to three
times the redundancy, reliability, and speed of a school's current Internet
access without ISP cooperation or BGP. FatPipe WARP is used by districts
that host internal servers, which require redundancy for inbound as well as
outbound IP traffic over their WANs. FatPipe WARP provides high levels of
availability, redundancy and speed for fault tolerant WAN connectivity. WARP
intelligently balances inbound and outbound load over multiple and various
line connections without the need for BGP programming or ISP
cooperation.Small size districts  and branch offices utilize FatPipe
SUPERSTEAM to obtain fast and fault tolerant WAN networks. FatPipe
SUPERSTREAM bonds any combination of T1, DSL, Cable, ISDN, or Wireless
connections for up to 2Mbps throughput. SUPERSTREAM shares similar features
and benefits with FatPipe XTREME, including web based management tools, auto
failover, and auto reboot.

For More information contact:
Dave Kleyh
Academic Software Solutions
1-800-213-1253 ext 3032
dkleyh@sla-direct.com <mailto:dkleyh@sla-direct.com>

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