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Jonathan Chetwynd <> wrote:

>SVG images from the SVG spec are not validating for example: 
>I have been assured that this is a problem with the validator, rather
>than the SVG spec.
>please can you confirm that this is correct.

Yes, this is correct. There is a bug in the character encoding detection in
the current version of the Markup Validator that is triggered by, among other
things, SVG images served as image/svg+xml that makes it fail to correctly
detect the character encoding in use. Without character encoding information
the Markup Validator is unable to reliably validate the document (image),
which is why you are seeing that error message.

Note that the Validator is *not* saying that the image is invalid, only that
the Markup Validator is unable to perform the validation process!

The current beta release addresses this issue. There is as yet no planned
release date for the final version of this release.

Thanks for your feedback on this.

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