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html 4.01 strict

From: Sam Duncan <sam@kabuki.co.nz>
Date: 08 Jul 2003 05:11:57 +1200
To: www-validator@w3.org
Message-Id: <1057597917.10578.23.camel@atomic>

	wondering if someone could help me, I have a page (www.kabuki.co.nz)
which I am trying to validate as html 4.01 strict, the iframe errors are
understandable (although I thought they were in the spec) but why does
it complain about the ul tags? It claims I can't have the tag there and
I'm missing object, button, or map elements! What?!!

	Also, it complains about a target attribute on an anchor, this can't be
true. Anchors have always had targets right?

	Thanks in advance for any advice,

Sam Duncan
Received on Monday, 7 July 2003 01:16:29 UTC

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