Re: validating JavaScript

On Thu, 3 Jul 2003, Jake Brumby wrote:

> "The HTML specification does not cover JavaScript.

No, but it does cover how Javascript can be included in HTML, which
is what your correspondent seems ignorant of.

> However, the Validator does not recognize JavaScript code from HTML and
  attempts to "validate" it as HTML.

That's correct, but doesn't mean what (s)he wants it to mean.  As a rule
it's best to separate javascript from HTML.  Failing that, you need
to read TFM.  Browse the validator help pages, and point your
correspondent at something relevant.

> The SiteWise code has been tested with all common browser versions and
> can be used without concern for its function or performance."

That's a classic warning label telling you that its author is clueless.

Nick Kew

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