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Fat Cat Media Events

From: The Fat Cat <info@fatcatmedia.tv>
Date: Wed, 12 Feb 2003 10:24:38 -0500 (EST)
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Fat Cat Media


With the launch of www.fatcatmedia.tv just 10 days, 
we are delightled to offer you 2 fantastic events over 
the coming weeks!

*** Sugarfunk meets Space @ Pacha, Termonus Place, London. SW1 ***

Saturday 22nd February 2003 - 2200 - 0500 ......

The first major party of the year sees Sugarfunk joining 
up with Space for a night of unrivalled glamour.  With 3 
djs flying in especially from the USA combined with a 
mix of Londons finest djs and 'up for it crowd' this night 
is set to be a roadblock affair.
Ballroom DJs - Terry Hunter / Jeremy Newell / Ant 
Packham / Guy Morley Deluxe / The Phat Boyz from 
New York.
Top FloorDJs - Kriss Da Rang / Dean Ferrero / Eddy 
Kruger / Max Latino / Raymondo 

Fat Cat can supply you and your guests with a 12.00 
guestlist for the evening - limited places!
Early reservation of guestlist is strongly recommended.

*** Sugarfunk 'Remember The Daze' @ Flux, 1-4, Southend Road, Beckenham. ***

Saturday 1st March 2003 - 2100 - 0200...................

The launch of Sugarfunk's classic house night will soon 
be upon us.  DJ's Ant Packham & Dean Ferrero will be 
dusting off their favourite tracks for night where 
Frankie Knuckles meets Spiller.

Fat Cat has arranged a special guestlist price of 8.00 
instead of the usual 10.00, so please submit your 
names and email address's of your guests.

Please submit all your requirements to:  

If you have any suggestions for our new web 
enviroment then please submit them to: 


The Fat Cat
Fat Cat Media
email: info@fatcatmedia.tv
voice: +442086589362
web: http://www.fatcatmedia.tv

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