Thanks.  Not one of my more lucid momments.
You'd think I hadn't seen that error message enough. :-)

That ASPX page is XML though, and I don't think a HTML 4.x DOCTYPE will work
(empty tag notation).
XHTML 1.0 will though.  I've not tried ASPX directly but I know that you can
put out
XML and do a XSLT to yield "valid" XHTML or HTML for that matter.

Gannon J. Dick
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> On Fri, 2003-01-31 at 18:29, Gannon J. Dick wrote:
> > why must you specify the default HTTP port?
> > Makes me suspicious.
> I guess Adam did not include it; it's just how the underlying HTTP
> library (libwww-perl) reports connection failures.
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