Re: Generic Validator installation guide (Was: Validator install on Linux (Slackware))

Hello Olivier

On Tuesday 16 Dec 2003 8:45 am, Olivier Thereaux wrote:
> I would like, if you don't mind, to take your notes as a strong basis
> for the upcoming installation guide (while still linking to your notes
> for slackware-specific install, just as it will link to Stephen Yoch's
> work for OSX).

Glad the notes have been of use :-)

> And then you can copy and edit the sample httpd.conf distributed with
> the validator and adapt it to your need. You chose to use a virtual
> server, I chose to link /validator/ to where all the validator files
> are:
> 	Alias /validator/ /usr/local/validator/htdocs/
> This actually has an interest, because you wouldn't have to copy so many
> files between the serverroot and the validator's root (which you chose
> to be the standard /usr/local/validator as I did).

Yes, that's a more straightforward way of doing things than what I did.  It 
saves a number of steps.

> using 'apachectl graceful' might be recommended over restarting, because
> if you have an error it will not break everything and let you fix the
> errors before restarting.

Or maybe even 'apachectl configtest' to test the configuration files before 

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