Updated OS X install instructions

I've updated the os x install instructions and have better indentified
some of the problems I encountered. Olivier, thanks again for the detailed

(Please disregard the bit on installing the perl modules through cpan.
That should be removed.)

My main question about the validator relates to the versions that are
included in the tarball and the ones that seem to work on OS X.

The check file that is in the tarball (v 1.305.2.12) does not work in os
x. Every page that is submitted for validation is returned as invalid. The
earliest version that seems to work on os x is 1.305.2.40. I have used
1.305.2.83 as well.

If I say to use a later version should I be using a different version of

I've also indicated my problems in installing OpenSP. I haven't had a
chance to pose questions to them at sourceforge, but hopefully will be
able to soon.

Thanks again for all the help. Please let me know if this version seems
more straightforward than the last (or not). I eliminated the duplication
of the htdocs in two places, so it's a bit more streamlined.


Received on Friday, 12 December 2003 13:10:45 UTC