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Welcome to the first issue of the INDIEgo newsletter.  
You may or may not have heard of INDIEgo by now but 
we want to make sure you are up to speed on all the 
exciting things we're doing.  This is the first of 
our series of monthly installments to communicate the 
latest and greatest at INDIEgo.

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* The Procussions rise to the top of the charts!
* What is INDIEgo?
* INDIEgo Announces Buzz Builder
* Current Clients
* INDIEgo partners with Laibach for retail promotion

The Procussions rise to the top of the charts!
One of INDIEgo's present clients, The Procussions are 
currently charting on The College Music Journal's Top 
200 radio charts!  We are proud to be working with such 
talented and energetic musicians.  Their recent 
accomplishments are many: currently at number 7 on 
the CMJ hip-hop charts; an excellent review in Urb 
Magazine; their first single as the #1 most added ;their 
current release was #2 most added for two weeks in a 

Bound by a love of music and a drive to produce 
sophisticated, spiritually minded Hip-Hop, The 
Procussions is a group of emcee-musicians who hail 
from Colorado.

The Procussions formed in late 1990s when members of 
two rival b-boy crews decided to squash beef and make 
changes in the Colorado music scene. Five years later, 
they continue to pursue their mission of spreading life-
affirming music and shattering Hip-Hip stereotypes. 
They know where they're form, and always speak up for 
Colorado's vibrant, multicultural music scene. "Colorado 
is where we're from and Colorado is what we 
represent!" - E

What is INDIEgo?
INDIEgo was started in 1991 by a group of music 
industry professionals who used their experience and 
industry knowledge to create a different kind of 
promotion and distribution company.  We view our 
primary job as helping our artists develop their careers 
with smart promotions and distribution services tailored 
to their needs and goals.  Over the last 12 years, 
INDIEgo has brought together experienced staff, proven 
systems and solid industry relationships in radio, retail, 
media and distribution to become a complete solution 
for artists and labels who are committed to developing 
their careers at regional and national levels.  We have 
helped hundreds of artists and labels reach such goals 
as radio charting, industry buzz, increased fan base, 
more successful tours, national distribution, retail 
presence and increased media attention.

INDIEgo works in many musical genres, but we have 
departments that specialize in the following genres: 
<li>Indie Rock / Punk / Emo / Alternative </li>
<li>AAA/Roots Rock / Americana</li>
<li>Urban / HipHop</li>

INDIEgo provides the following services: 
<li>Non-Commercial Radio Promotion</li>
<li>Commercial Radio Promotion</li>
<li>Press & Publicity</li>
<li>Retail Promotion</li>
<li>Tour Support</li>
<li>	National Distribution</li>

We have recently re-vamped our processes and 
developed new products to adapt to the ever-changing 
music industry of today.  Check out the new face of 
INDIEgo at

INDIEgo Announces Buzz Builder
Buzz.  Everyone wants it.  Most don't have it.  How do 
you get buzz?  In most cases it starts with a great 
sounding CD backed up by an amazing live show.   
Sometimes that's enough; but most of the time it takes 
some smart publicity work as well.  The most difficult 
part of generating buzz for a new project is igniting that 
first spark of interest in the artist and their music.  For 
new artists, this can be a daunting task.  Enter Buzz 

INDIEgo has created an affordable way for emerging 
artists to kick-start their press kit and begin the process 
of making regional and national opinion leaders aware 
of them and their music.  It's called Buzz Builder.  
INDIEgo's Buzz Builder service is an intense, 6-week 
publicity campaign designed to get reviews, articles, 
and industry feedback for musicians.  In the first 2 
months of operation, Buzz Builder has had incredible 
results and received a large amount of positive 
feedback from Industry affiliates.  If you know someone 
who might be a good fit for this service or would like 
additional information, give us a buzz at 888.355.9387.

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Current Clients
<li>The Brad Upton Quartet</li>
<li>Great Girls Blouse</li>
<li>Laibach - Mute Records</li>
<li>Berlin Project - Orange Peal Records</li>
<li>Brass Roots - Accurate Records</li>
<li>My Secret Service</li>
<li>Brendan McKinney</li>
<li>GESTALT - Dark Orchid, Elan, eROTic</li>

INDIEgo partners with Laibach for retail promotion
We are finisRecords, home of such artists as Moby and Depeche 
Mode.  The campaign was for Laibach, a band that has 
been doing their kind of Industrial since before the term 
was coined.  INDIEgo is proud to announce that we have 
received intense interest from stores across the country 
that are now carrying WAT as a result of our efforts.

On WAT Laibach accelerate once more, fuelled by the 
contradictions and controversies of a 23-year history, 
dragging audiences into their own temporal zone, 
conjuring up the normally hidden forces supporting the 
regimes that govern our reality. Laibach suspend the 
visibly disintegrating global rule of "business as usual". 
Nothing and no one is spared interrogation by Laibach 
and the effects of its interventions are irreversible. WAT 
interrogates both Laibach's own history and the desires 
and projections of its audiences.

On November 14th Laibach held a concert at Studio 
VIBA Film in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Further appearances 
are planned in following cities:

- Prague, Czech Republic (November 28th)
- Zagreb, Croatia (December 13th)
- Nova Gorica, Slovenia (December 19th)

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