Re: Validator install on Linux (Slackware)

Hello Nick,

On Thu, Dec 04, 2003, Nick Talbott wrote:
> [newbie post]


> I've just successfully completed a local installation of the release version 
> of the Validator running under Apache on Linux (Slackware 8.1).  

Excellent. Did you run into any kind of problem?
> I made notes on the installation process, and if these are likely to be of 
> any help to anyone else I'd be pleased to supply them (just a plain text file 
> at the moment).

You're the second person coming to us with installation notes,
that's absolutely wonderful. We've got well-packaged versions (RPM
made by Ville Skytta and Deb by Frederic Schutz) but for others our
documentation is still scarce and can greatly benefit from user

If you could post it to the list, I am certain it would be very useful. 
If you don't mind, I would actually like to include it into the
validator's documentation. 
Thanks, and welcome again.

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