validator suggestion

A very simple, yet useful enhancement to the validator is the addition
of some meta tags to make the results more useful for automated

For example, I write programs that produce (x)html.. it would be great
if I could add a step to my process that validates the results and the
results easily read by a program.

In the case of a successful test where the validated page meets all the
requirements use a meta variable to return the link that may be included
in the page:

<meta name="status" content="pass">
<meta name="icon" content="&lt;a
          alt=&quot;Valid HTML 4.01!&quot; height=&quot;31&quot; width=&quot;88&quot;&gt;&lt;/a&gt;">

The program could read the icon meta variable, translate the meta charters (&lt; etc) back to html and then add the html anchor could be added automatically.

In the other case, where the page doesn't validate properly, 
<meta name="status" content="fail">
<meta name="icon" content="&nbsp;">

Thank you for your consideration of this idea... I think it is generally
usefull, and simple to implement.

Best regards,
Don Russell

Received on Monday, 1 December 2003 10:22:49 UTC