Re: justification for producing valid [X]HTML?

Le ven 13/09/2002 ŗ 22:19, James Ralston a ťcrit :
> I'm trying to make a justification to management why our organization
> should care about producing valid [X]HTML.
> The current attitude is:
>     1.  We design our documents for a consistent "look and feel"
>         (using mostly WYSIWYG HTML editors).
>     2.  Our documents render "properly" in Netscape/Mozilla/IE.
>     3.  Why bother to take the extra time to produce valid HTML when
>         the "invalid" HTML works just fine?
> I'm sure people have written documents to refute these types of
> attitudes.  Unfortunately, I'm having very little luck in performing
> web searches for such documents, because the phrase "valid HTML"
> appears on about a billion web pages.

You can have a look at the following articles:
- "My site is standard! And yours?"
- "Buy standard compliant Web sites"
- "Liberty! Equality! Validity!"
- "HTML Standard compliance- Why bother?"

There are many many more resources on the topic. You'll probably get the
best answers by searching in the archives of the public mailing list at or by asking your
question on this mailing list.


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