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Installing the W3C Validator on Windows

From: Forbes, Scott <sforbes@rational.com>
Date: Thu, 16 May 2002 00:09:32 -0400 (EDT)
Message-ID: <0795D853C8D3BA4C82244A7B5B87FEAE0312870F@sau-aus3it05.rational.com>
To: "'www-validator@w3.org'" <www-validator@w3.org>
I have successfully installed version 1.183 of the Validator on Windows 2000
with Visual Studio.  Here is a draft of the procedure:

Installation on Windows (NT4 or 2000) with IIS and Visual Studio (6 or

-	The packages I used were:
	validator.tar.gz (1.183)		http://validator.w3.org/
	libiconv-1.7.tar.gz		ftp://ftp.gnu.org/pub/gnu/libiconv/

-	Install ActivePERL.  It includes the LWP module.

-	Use perl -V:make to find the local alias for make (usually nmake
with Visual Studio).

-	You can't build libiconv as a dynamic library; you end up with two
different iconv.dll's, which confuses PERL (and anybody who has to maintain
the system).  This means Text-Iconv must be linked with libc.lib, which
exports _errno.  To do this you may need to edit config.PM (in PERL\lib):
change -MD in ccflags to -ML, delete -MD from optimize, change msvcrt.lib in
libs to libc.lib and change libc to libc.lib.

-	Unpack libiconv to a temporary folder then build and install a
static library according to README.win32.

-	Unpack Text-Iconv to a temporary folder.  Add -liconv to LIBS in
Makefile.PL.  Build and install according to the README.

-	Unpack HTML-Tagset to a temporary folder.  Build and install
according to the README.

-	Unpack HTML-Parser to a temporary folder.  Build and install
according to the README.

-	Extract validator.tar.gz to a temporary folder.  Ignore the "file
already exists" errors.  It includes a collection of DTDs and other SGML
files to validate against.

-	Create a folder to publish the Validator from (I used
C:\Inetpub\HTMLValidator).  Copy the contents of the validator\htdocs folder
to it.  Copy the validator\httpd\cgi-bin folder to the HTMLValidator folder.
You can delete the CVS files and folders.

-	Extract SP to a temporary folder and copy the files in the bin
folder to cgi-bin.

-	Change the form action in index.html and file-upload.html to
"/cgi-bin/check.pl" and rename check to check.pl (does IIS support content

-	In check.pl modify the following lines:
19-21:	my $base_path = 'C:\\Inetpub\\HTMLValidator\\';
23:	my $html_path = $base_path;
31:	my $temp      = "C:\\Temp\\HTMLValidator.$$"; # @@ Use
POSIX/IO::File tmpfiles instead!
35:	my $sp  = 'C:\\Inetpub\\HTMLValidator\\cgi-bin\\nsgmls';
36:	my $osp = 'C:\\Inetpub\\HTMLValidator\\cgi-bin\\nsgmls';
43:	  print "  <form method='get' action='/cgi-bin/check.pl'><table

-	Create a new website called HTMLValidator, with script access and
the home directory as above.  Make index.html the default page.  Browse it.

-	Happy validating!

Scott Forbes

Software Engineering Specialist,
Rational Software
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