Re: Strict Not so strict.

scripsit Karl Dubost:
> At 18:42 +0100 2002-05-23, Nick Kew wrote:
> >They are errors if applied to an element where they are not allowed.
> >
> >If you want stricter validation, strip the DTD down a bit, or use
> >another DTD.
> You can use XHTML 1.1 [1] which is a little bit stricter.
> But you will still have presentational (table [2]) things... XHTML 
> 2.0 is not far away

Be aware, though, that if you need to support legacy browsers XHTML 1.1
will pose problems, because it has eliminated the `name' attribute on
<a> elements.  NS4 cannot hit `id' targets, so links to such anchors
will break.

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